Our Campaigns

The OSA Partnership Group has worked on a number of key campaigns to raise awareness of OSA and has recently worked to support vocational drivers who may have the condition to call for fast-tracking of treatment.

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DVLA Guidance for Drivers

As mentioned in our driving section, we worked with DVLA to simplify the guidance on the DVLA requirements if you have symptoms of, or have been diagnosed with, OSA or OSAS. More details can be found here.

CPC Module

We worked with the FTA to produce a free of charge CPC module on OSA. More details can be found here

CPC module can be viewed here: http://www.fta.co.uk/sleepapnoea

Four Week Wait

This campaign was launched in March 2015 and aims to encourage the NHS to introduce fast tracking of treatment for vocational drivers with OSAS. More details can be found here and you can download the campaign paper here.